Back To Computing-and mr whitside gets a haircut!

January 29, 2009

Due to absences i have been in the process of catch up because falling behind is just not cool , but all is good because this is cool.

Today in Class mr whiteside was blabbering talking about GPU’s how interesting.

The GPU is a processor that sits on the graphic card(often more powerful then the processor of the computer)

These types of cards allows mr whitesides dream off great graphic games come to reality.

ALl images displayed are heald in the memory of the graphics card called vram or also known as Video ram.

The amount of memory available affects the maximum colour depth and resolution supported by that graphics card.

To make mr whitsides job easier he sat in the corner and put this very interesting video ( ) on which demonstrated the advantages of using a gpu instead of letting the processor load the image up.

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I’m Cool

January 29, 2009

Look im “blogging” in my spare time ,
I am therefore as cool as mr whiteside
and i want a prize 🙂

peice oot


Lesson 20 january baws

January 20, 2009


this lesson was about multimedia technology

digital camera  light waves enter the camera via the lens


to charge – coupled device inside the camera the ccd converts the light wave ino a voltage signal.


a chip, the analogue to digital converter adc, sinde the camera converts the analogue signal into a digital signal. this is called digitising


the image can now be stored and manipulated as a normal bitmapped graphic (made up of pixels represented by binary code).

mr whitesides forces us to post a blog or he beats us

January 7, 2009

Hello im cool im writing a blog in higher computing (H).

if i never wrote this then my life would be shortly over 😦


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Hello world!

January 7, 2009

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